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When your home or business is confronted with plumbing problems, it can seem tempting to tackle the challenge yourself. Despite this, it is often best to contact a plumbing professional to provide effective and economical maintenance services. If your home or business in the Portsmouth area requires professional plumbing solutions, you can contact a sewage and drainage professional like Lanthorn Plumbing. It is our mission to provide the people of Portsmouth with a diverse array of potential plumbing solutions. We believe that this approach is what secures our continued commercial success. Give us a call today!

Our Areas of Operation in Northwestern Virginia

At Lanthorn Plumbing, we are able to cover a wide area with our mobile plumbing service squads. As a growing business, we are always looking to expand our areas of operation, while still maintaining the effective service we originally offered. At the current time, Lanthorn Plumbing is able to provide comprehensive sewage and drainage services to the areas of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Lehigh Acres, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, as well as numerous others. If your home or business is within these areas, you can place your trust in Lanthorn Plumbing to resolve whatever plumbing problems your home or business may experience. At Lanthorn Plumbing, our field technicians and communications associates are always ready to help!

What exactly can I expect from a Lanthorn Plumbing service call?

When you enlist professional plumbing services from Lanthorn Plumbing, your service can proceed in a number of ways. In many cases, your service call will begin with one or more of our expert technicians traveling to your home or business to perform an initial assessment of your plumbing system. This assessment will inform our employees of the exact nature of your problem, and the best solutions that might be implemented. With this information at hand, our staff will tailor a solution specifically for your system. Our customers will always have the opportunity to choose from a multitude of solutions, to select the one that best fits their financial and scheduling confines.

The Lanthorn Plumbing Team

Lanthorn Plumbing is a sewage and drainage professional that aims to provide northwestern Virginia with the best plumbing services currently available on the market. We are able to service commercial and residential customers, and are always looking to expand our base of customers. We offer a diverse array of plumbing services and solutions to a diverse array of potential customers, and it is our firm belief that this methodology is the key to our success.

What can Lanthorn Plumbing do for you?

Lanthorn Plumbing divides it’s plumbing services into two categories; residential services and commercial services. Our residential services are designed to ensure maximum care is taken in performing maintenance in your home. While resolving plumbing problems are typically quite difficult, contacting a plumbing professional will always make it easier. Our commercial services are designed to ensure maximum return for minimal investment. All of customers engage with our firm knowing that they will receive the highest quality plumbing services currently available. With whatever plumbing problems that your home or business may experience, Lanthorn Plumbing is ready to provide comprehensive assistance.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Lanthorn Plumbing is to give all of our customers throughout our many service areas access to all of our plumbing services. Our price points are accessible to all of our potential customers while still retaining the level of quality that they have come to take pride in. At Lanthorn Plumbing, we are not simple plumbing professionals, but we are active contributors in our local community. Lanthorn Plumbing sponsors a wide variety of local organizations, and work directly alongside our customers to ensure complete understanding and satisfaction. We believe that commercial success starts with community investiture.

Our Various Service Offerings in Northwestern Virginia

Lanthorn Plumbing is currently able to provide plumbing services to both residential and commercial customers. In the case of our residential services, we aim to provide plumbing solutions and services with the dignity and respect that our clients deserve. We will work our hardest, and treat your home like the personal castle that it is. Beyond the scope of our normal service offerings, we are pleased to offer emergency plumbing services to customers within our areas of operation. Our services are offered twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, year round, and we service throughout all major holidays.

What kinds of commercial services can Lanthorn Plumbing provide?

At Lanthorn Plumbing, we are able to provide a range of plumbing solutions that is as effective as it is economical. Our solutions are effective for small businesses and large corporations, and our employees understand your bottom line. We are able to provide pipe repair and replacement services, smoke and odour detection options, pipe cleaning offerings, excavation and trenchless pipe repair services, and numerous others. The staff at Lanthorn Plumbing understand the intricacies of running a business, and we look to provide our commercial customers with the plumbing solutions that they require.

What kinds of residential services does Lanthorn Plumbing provide?

For our residential customers, we provide a service that is unparalleled in the current day. Our staff take careful consideration of your circumstances, and will work within close proximity to ensure your complete understanding and satisfaction. To all of our residential customers in Massachusetts, we provide drain and sewer cleaning offerings, manhole rehabilitation services, pipe bursting options, hydro-jetting technologies and numerous other services. It is our firm belief that the diversity of our service roster is largely reflective of the diversity of our clientele. When your home requires prompt, professional plumbing services, your home requires Lanthorn Plumbing!

How does Lanthorn Plumbing utilize technology in their plumbing service?

When you enlist the help of Lanthorn Plumbing in resolving your plumbing problems, you can rest assured that your service will rely as much upon experience as technological innovation. Our staff can call upon a diverse array of technological equipment in order to resolve your plumbing problems. Our technologically-inclined services include remote sewer camera inspections, trenchless sewer repair technologies, and our pipe repair and replacement services. It is the firm belief of Lanthorn Plumbing that the effectiveness of our services is what keeps our customer coming back. If you believe that your home or business is ready for the best plumbing services currently available, your home or business is ready for Lanthorn Plumbing.

What else can Lanthorn Plumbing do for you?

In addition to our normal roster of residential and commercial plumbing services, Lanthorn Plumbing is able to provide emergency services to all of our customers in our areas of operation. It is our understanding that emergencies tend to occur at the least convenient times. For residence and business owners, resolving plumbing problems can prove tremendously expensive and tremendously stressful. With Lanthorn Plumbing, we aim to provide the comprehensive emergency plumbing services that our customers often need. We have purpose-driven emergency response teams, and will work through the night to solve your plumbing emergency conclusively. Lanthorn Plumbing is able to provide emergency services throughout all hours, during all major holidays. When plumbing emergencies strike, don’t get caught unaware. Be sure to contact Lanthorn Plumbing today!

How does Lanthorn Plumbing keep up-to-date in the plumbing industry?

In the plumbing industry, as with any other industry, knowledge is the key to success. At Lanthorn Plumbing, we are always looking to increase the breadth of our knowledge, and take a number of actions to ensure that this growth is possible. Our staff regularly attend conferences, industry conventions, lectures and other events to find the best way to serve their community.

How does Lanthorn Plumbing compare to the competition?

For a plethora of reasons, Lanthorn Plumbing outcompetes the competition. We are able to provide a services that represents the best the plumbing industry has to offer. Not only do our individual services combine the use of traditional techniques and innovative technology, but our firm overall is representative of the cordial service of a mom-and-pop shop with the efficacy of a national plumber. We believe in treating all of our customers like family, and our branch in Portsmouth is run by a father-son team, indicative of our commitment to this principle. Our staff are as enthusiastic as they are educated, and will work tirelessly to resolve whatever plumbing problems your home or business might experience.

How do I know that Lanthorn Plumbing is right for my home or business?

In this day and age of rapid advertisements and sound-byte temptations, making a concise decision can often prove difficult. When it comes to residential and commercial plumbing, Lanthorn Plumbing is able to corroborate our effectiveness with firsthand customer testimony. We believe in complete transparency in our services, and publish all customer reviews, positive or negative. These overwhelmingly positive records of previous encounters are a fundamental point in favor of the effectiveness of Lanthorn Plumbing. If you remain unconvinced, you can always contact one of our staff through the methods listed below. Give us a call today!

I want to know more about Lanthorn Plumbing? Where do I go?

Not everyone is blessed with innate knowledge of the plumbing industry. This kind of information is usually restricted to plumbing professionals and their associates, and it is rarely found in the greater population. In many cases, finding accurate information on plumbing services from the professionals themselves can prove tedious at best and useless at worst. In stark contrast to the competition, we believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant, and to this end we publish informative articles regarding our diverse roster of services. We also host an active blog, constantly updated with critical innovations in the plumbing industry.

How You can schedule a Lanthorn Plumbing maintenance service

When the time comes for your home or business to receive prompt and professional plumbing solutions, you can schedule your service appointment with Lanthorn Plumbing in a number of different ways. When your plumbing situation presents itself during normal business hours, our representatives can be most easily contacted through a phone call or via email. We also offer an online portal through which potential customers can submit the details of their situation to form the backbone of an online maintenance ticket. When you contact our employees, you can rest assured that you call will be taken seriously by an expert local to your area, and you will receive the collective knowledge and experience of the whole team in the confidence of their answer.

How can I contact Lanthorn Plumbing?

For all of our customers, our representatives maintain a number of open channels of communication. In many cases, potential customers can call or email our staff and pose their concerns and questions directly. Our staff are as knowledgeable as their are enthusiastic, and will work their hardest to ensure that you receive the clarity to make the decisions that you need. In some cases, your situation might be best addressed through the on-line maintenance ticket submission portal featured on our website. One of our associates will provide our customer with a prompt and professional response, and will schedule their service appointment within the confines of their scheduled and the limitations of their budget. When you are confronted with a plumbing emergency, our specialist teams can be contacted at the number available on our website.

Do you live in Portsmouth? Is your home or business in need of plumbing services? Consider contacting Lanthorn Plumbing!

In Portsmouth, there are few plumbing professional better trusted than Lanthorn Plumbing. Our staff have provided prompt and professional plumbing services throughout northwestern Virginia, and will work their hardest so that you don’t have to. We seek to provide all of our customers with the highest quality services and products currently available, and we will work directly alongside our customers to ensure their complete understanding and satisfaction. We are ready to help resolve whatever plumbing problems your home or business might suffer from, and are standing by to take you call now. Consider contacting us today!

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